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Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy and Roadmap

Having someone who understands both Film Finance and Equity Crowdfunding in your corner means less uncertainty and more deliberate action.

We work with you to develop a strategy and roadmap to get you ready for launch efficiently.

About Us

With the changing climate of film consumption, it is only right that film production changes as well. Hermes and its partners are aiding in the transition efforts by helping filmmakers get more in sync with their audience. We help you allow direct investments into your films via Crowdfunding. We believe allowing investments (not donations) from the content consumers — even for a small proportion of the budget — validates the content and demand, helps you have more control from many external constraints, and ultimately leads to better viewership and revenues due to the investors' profit-backed incentive to market the release. Acting on this, we have positioned ourselves to be the leading consultancy for crowdfunding films via Equity Crowdfunding.


We are a boutique entertainment consulting firm based out of Upstate New York. We work because we believe as times change, business practices should as well. We wish to help Filmmakers make this transition to Fan-Funded Films in as seamless a manner as possible. 


We specialize in Equity Crowdfunding Strategy, Structure, Marketing, and Execution. Our knowledge base is perfectly suited to blend the intricate Film Finance and Equity Crowdfunding markets. 


We work with Filmmakers who have developed film projects and are ready for the next step - Funding. Our clients realize the importance Crowdfunding has for the future of Film and are working towards being part of the revolution.

Why Crowdfund?

Equity Crowdfunding means selling equity in your film instead of receiving donations. The difference between traditional private investments and crowdfunded investments is that of value-added. With Equity Crowdfunding, you do less pitching and more filmmaking.


We work on a results-based pricing structure with a minor retainer fee at the inception of our relationship. We are not fully compensated unless and until the campaign is finished and successful. Our remuneration is variable and depends on a few factors such as the Film itself, degree of development, the time required, and more because our solutions are tailored specifically for your situation.  


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